Last updated January 23, 2002 - recent updates in RED.

Dealers who seemed to be aware of the M60 Engine Test and the issues with the Nikasil block. Sorry for the lack of organization - they are in no particular order so read the whole list to find one or more in your area!

If you have a dealer that you've had a good experience with, drop us a line with the dealer's name and location, and the service writer or tech's name who helped you.

Braman BMW in Miami, FL. Luis Gonzales, service department. He cut right through the chase and had the leakdown test done. It failed, and I got the free short block replacement. The car had 51K miles on at the time.

Heishman's BMW in Arlngton, VA. Talk to Bob Hammersley in the service department.

Crown BMW in Richmond, Va.  Quote from list member: "Was extremely accommodating, but this was probably helped by my longtime friendship with one of their technicians that began before his affiliation with the dealership.  Never a charge for the tests.  Replaced at 42k and 3 months before my six years expired."

Union Park BMW in Wilmington, Delaware. Quote from list member: "I just started a 'service relationship' with them, after two and a half years of working with another dealer that sold me the car. The car passed both the idle quality and pressure distribution tests a year ago at that other dealer. . . I thought that the car was running normally. It would occasionally experience a rough idle. More often when in Drive than in Park. But, for the most part, the car was still my 'attitude adjuster'. I just wanted to get the engine tested before the warranty ran out for my piece of mind. I was willing to pay for the leakdown test, but the dealer never went there!"

BMW Of Honolulu, HI.  Quote from list member:  "Just had my block don a few months ago.  Seems like they do quite a few of these things."

The BMW Store in Cincinnati, OH.  They also provide a discount on service to BMWCCA members.

Erhard BMW in Birmingham, MI -- Quote from a satisfied list member: "Dealer was most co-operative and went right to the leak-down test, skipping the "idle quality" because they've found it less reliable."

Ralph Schomp BMW in Denver, CO.  Service Manager John Beasley is knowledgeable about the test and the M60 engine issues.

Classic BMW in Richardson, TX. (Richardson is approximately 10 miles north of downtown Dallas on Hwy 75.)  The service manager's name is Lenny Rich.  John Roberts BMW did not seem aware of or interested in the M60 issue to a list member from Texas who recommended Classic.

Momentum BMW in Houston, TX.  Quote from list member: "They did the engine swap. They have a great mechanic there named Mike Molina. I had no problem getting them to do it. Apparently, it failed the idle quality and pressure distribution tests. I don't think the leakdown test was done because it failed the other two, which was enough to justify the engine replacement. Keep complaining if you have a rough idle. You might want to call Mike. He's really sharp and might be able to advise you. Good luck!"

Chris BMW in Decatur (Atlanta) GA. Talk to Ed Alber. He is a tech at Chris, and an active member of the P'tree CCA.

Beverly Hills BMW, CA - Service advisor was very aware of M60 engine program

Sterling BMW, Newport Beach, CA.  (Newport Beach on Pacific Coast Highway and Newport Blvd) in CA.  "Quote from list member. "Talk to Chuck Pataki or Chuck Buehler.  Sterling has extensive block replacement experience.  The phone for Sterling is 714/645-5900, fax 714/645-0044 (double check the area code, may have changed to 949).  The service manager is Trent Witsaman They are located at 3000 West Coast Highway (PCH) in Newport Beach."

East Bay BMW in Oakland, CA.  Talk to Bruce Peters (Service Manager).

Concord (CA) BMW. "The service advisor (Ian Cooperrider) said they would do the M60 engine test under warranty for no charge any time before my 6 year warranty was up."

Flemington BMW in New Jersey

Century BMW of Huntsville, Alabama.  Quote from list member: "Was very helpful and quality of work excellent.  Service Rep was Mike Burns - can't remember technician's name, but the tech has experience with 40 - 50 block replacemants and does all of their replacement work.  He (technician) also drives a 1994 530ia and is very familiar with this model and replaced his own block."

Holtz BMW in Rochester, NY.  Quote from list member:  "Was alusil aware and didn't try to charge (for tests) but took forever and missed a power steering leak."

Westchester BMW, 525 Tarrytown Rd, White Plains NY. Excellent treatment by the service department. Very aware of the nikasil/alusil issues and experienced in block swaps.

BMW Gallery of Norwood, MA.  Completed a test for a member, and happened to have an M60 block on hand to do the replacement.

BMW of Mississauga, near Toronto, Canada. Technician Bernie #80 dealership (905) 625-7533.  

Baron BMW in Mission, Kansas (suburb of Kansas City). "They were VERY knowledgable about the whole nikasil/alusil issue, they replace @ 1 block per week, and they were Very accomodating about including additional parts under warranty. I would not hesitate to recommend them."

DIFEO BMW of Tenafly, NJ. "I read about the ploblem on this site, made a copy, and showed it to my dealer, . They performed the 'leak down' test, no questions asked. The engine failed on two cylinders (there was no evidence of any rough idle, etc). They replaced the block (took about one week), provided me a rental, all at no cost to me. Today, the car runs great."

Leith BMW, NC. "A friend here in NC had a 740 Nikasil block replaced last summer (99k miles) at Leith BMW. He was not the original owner -- he didn't even buy it used from a dealer. He took the car for the leakdown test and it failed, so they did the replacement. He said it was amazing how little hassle it was."

HENDRICKS BMW in Hickory NC - "I recently purchased a used 95 530i with 61k and only 4weeks left on the 6 year limit. **I was not made fully aware of this when I purchased the car from another dealer ( not to be named ). Rodney Millsap at Hendricks was GREAT!!! 5 star treatment, tested and failed engine (which was running great still) one day, rental on lot that afternoon, picked up my car with fresh block and all 2 days later. NOT A DIME SPENT!! "

Helmuts BMW Bridgeport , CT (203) 334-1672. "Just picked up my car tonight. The idle feels smoother than ever and boy is the clutch ligther. Helmuts has won sveral services awards and claims 80% customer retention. I'm not sure how much of all that is accurate, but I would recommend them. They claim to have done many short blocks."

Tischer BMW in Maryland. "Actually worked with BMWNA and a owner of a car out of warranty - installed the new block and the owner paid $1,000 of the costs. Owner also had to pay for the original engine test that confirmed the block needed replacing."

"By the way, Tischer BMW in Sliver Spring, MD was awesome. I highly recommend anyone in the DC metro area to check them out. My engine replacement was done in two days, they washed the car for me, and the final bill was $200 cheaper than their quote. I was really psyched to find that they charged the waterpump and thermostat to BMWNA as warrantee items instead of billing them to me!!".

New Century BMW in Alhambra (LA area). They were eager to do the block replacement on my car, but BMW declined to cover it with their warranty. I'm in the appeal process now. The engine was running fine until three days ago, but in that short period it decided to barely idle.