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Date Category Link
2013-01-31 Engine & Drivetrain V12 distributor wiring
2012-12-09 Restoration and Repair Pukar Designs (replacement BMW decals for your engine bay and other areas)
2012-12-09 Interior Steering wheel, heated steering wheel retrofit by nickc ('01 740i sport)
2012-12-09 Retrofit Installations Steering wheel, heated steering wheel retrofit by nickc ('01 740i sport)
2011-11-21 Interior Sunroof motor replacement
2011-10-25 Non-dealers
2011-10-25 Non-dealers (Seat Heating Kits)
2011-10-24 Engine & Drivetrain Radiator drain location ('03 540i)
2011-10-21 Transmission Transmission and rear main seal replacement
2011-10-13 Exterior Wiper blades, DIY replacement (Video)
2011-10-12 Interior Seats, occupancy sensor replacement (for airbag/SRS light)
2011-06-25 Interior Window regulator (right front) R&R, 2001 740iL
2011-05-12 Interior Headrest motor replacement
2011-05-09 Engine & Drivetrain Timing Chain Guide & Timing Chain Replacement
2011-02-03 Engine & Drivetrain Cold start problem (cranking, stumble, stall) solved by fuel pump relay swap
2010-12-30 Electronics Airbag control module replacement
2010-12-29 Engine & Drivetrain OSV replacement on a M62 V8 4.4L engine (Video)
2010-10-21 Salvage Companies & Recyclers J&N Alternator Rebuilding
2010-09-20 Engine & Drivetrain Aux fan replacement and bumper removal
2010-09-20 Exterior Windshield lower gasket R&R
2010-09-15 Reviews and Articles BMW E38 options overview and buying guide (British site)
2010-08-26 Maintenance OSV, 10-minute replacement
2010-08-15 David's Project Notes Trunk, how to drill a hole to unlock it and retrieve misplaced keys
2010-08-15 Exterior Trunk, how to drill a hole to unlock it and retrieve misplaced keys
2010-08-15 Engine & Drivetrain VANOS: How to retrieve nut from oil valley in cylinder head
2010-08-15 David's Project Notes S-EDC control module replacement
2010-08-15 Suspension & Steering S-EDC control module replacement
2010-07-13 Interior Windows, one-touch up reinitialization
2010-07-13 Electronics Windows, one-touch up reinitialization
2010-06-30 Transmission Oils, alternatives to the Esso LT71141 transmission oil
2010-06-27 Lighting LCM repair on a '97 e39 5-series
2010-06-27 Electronics LCM repair on a '97 e39 5-series
2010-06-18 Exterior Door handles, how to remove
2010-06-04 Engine & Drivetrain Valve cover gaskets R&R, Vanos, timing chain cover
2010-06-04 Retrofit Installations Steering wheel, installing an E46 M3 SMG wheel (M paddles) in a 2000 740i
2010-06-04 Transmission Steering wheel, installing an E46 M3 SMG wheel (M paddles) in a 2000 740i
2010-06-03 Retrofit Installations Steering wheel, M Paddle Retrofit (electrical hookup)
2010-06-03 Transmission Steering wheel, M Paddle Retrofit (electrical hookup)
2010-05-28 Engine & Drivetrain Valve Cover Gasket Injector Plug Trick
2010-05-28 Exterior Locks, Unlocking the trunk and doors without power (video)
2010-05-28 Exterior Windshield replacements, Front Climate Window - Rear Insulating Window
2010-05-28 Engine & Drivetrain Intake leak diagnoses video (M73 V12)
2010-05-28 Engine & Drivetrain Vacuum leak test video, how to solve rough idle and random misfire codes (M62 V8)
2010-05-12 Recall Information Service Information Bulletins (SIB's) for the BMW E38
2010-04-20 Transmission Transmission mounts R&R
2010-04-19 Lighting Bi-Xenon headlight installation in stock headlight assembly
2010-04-14 Electronics EWS removal and replacement
2010-03-05 Salvage Companies & Recyclers salvage auction cars
2010-03-04 Engine & Drivetrain Upper timing chain cover gasket repair notes
2010-02-27 Leather Care & Repair
2010-02-14 Engine & Drivetrain OSV cover replacement, super fast
2010-02-13 Audio/Video Stereo input for iPod/mp3 for just $3
2010-02-10 Electronics Pixel display repairs at DNA Speedometers
2010-01-31 Engine & Drivetrain Fuel pump replacement (video)
2010-01-30 Paint and paint chip repair Touch-up paint, how to apply
2010-01-30 Paint and paint chip repair BMW paint color codes
2010-01-30 Engine & Drivetrain MAF and CPS replacement (video)
2010-01-29 Retrofit Installations Auomatic headlights retrofit
2010-01-29 Lighting Auomatic headlights retrofit
2010-01-24 Suspension & Steering SLS valve/ride-height adjustment (video)
2010-01-23 Heating & Air Conditioning Auxiliary Pump Repairs
2010-01-20 Interior Center vent R&R
2010-01-20 Heating & Air Conditioning Center vent R&R
2010-01-12 Wheels, Tires BMW Wheel Specs & Fitment Chart
2009-12-30 General Information Bimmer vs. Beamer explained
2009-12-10 Maintenance Battery, changing the main car battery
2009-12-04 Lighting Headlights, pre-facelift CCFL Angel Eyes Install
2009-11-23 Electronics Instrument cluster repairs in the UK
2009-11-12 Interior Headliner replacement tutorial
2009-10-19 Exhaust Exhaust "scavenging"
2009-10-19 Exterior Windshield wipers, service bulletin and schematics
2009-10-19 Maintenance Long term storage recommendations
2009-10-14 Engine & Drivetrain Ball joints, rear ball joint DIY tool
2009-10-14 Interior Seats, foam and leather replacement
2009-10-08 Transmission Transmission, adaptive features and principles of operation
2009-10-03 Engine & Drivetrain Crank Case Vent Valve, torx to hex bolts suggestion
2009-09-24 Suspension & Steering Steering box leak, repairing in situ for $6
2009-09-23 Engine & Drivetrain Upper timing cover gaskets
2009-09-23 Maintenance Fuel tank rust treatment products
2009-09-23 David's Project Notes Fuel filter replacment ('01 750iL)
2009-09-23 Maintenance Fuel filter replacment ('01 750iL)
2009-09-21 Wheels and Tires Wheel Scuff Repair on Alloy Wheels
2009-09-20 Owner's Manuals BMW owner's manuals and ETM's for downloading
2009-09-19 Useful Links Bluetooth Forum
2009-09-19 Useful Links IBUS Forum
2009-09-19 Useful Links Navigation A/V Forum
2009-09-15 Maintenance Air filters, how many and where they are on your 740iL
2009-09-13 Electronics Key remote programming
2009-09-13 Audio/Video AM radio reception fix (1998 528i)
2009-09-13 Maintenance Reset oil and inspection lights via the instrument cluster
2009-09-13 Engine & Drivetrain Cooling system bleed procedure (M62 engine)
2009-09-11 Engine & Drivetrain Aux fan resistor replacement (video)
2009-09-09 Suspension & Steering Ball joint replacement tool, home-made
2009-09-09 Suspension & Steering Tie rods, center, left and right replacement (with video)
2009-09-08 Exhaust Eliminating rear O2 sensors
2009-09-02 Wheels and Tires BMW Wheel Specs and Fitment Chart
2009-09-01 Suspension & Steering Strut tower braces explained
2009-09-01 Retrofit Installations Cameras, reverse backup camera installation by rg0115
2009-09-01 Audio/Video Cameras, reverse backup camera installation by rg0115
2009-08-31 Retrofit Installations 4-Spoke to 3-Spoke M Sport Steering Wheel DIY Swap
2009-08-27 Electronics Ignition switch replacement (video)
2009-08-26 Wheels BMW Wheel Styles - Older
2009-08-25 Wheels BMW Wheel Styles - Current
2009-08-21 General Information What is horsepower?
2009-08-19 Audio/Video iPhone integration with Dice and NavTV
2009-08-17 David's Project Notes Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS) replacement ('98 750iL)
2009-08-17 Engine & Drivetrain Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS) replacement ('98 750iL)
2009-08-14 Suspension & Steering LAD self-leveling shocks, repairing and replacing the seals
2009-08-13 Useful Links BMW Museum in Munich
2009-08-13 Useful Links BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, SC
2009-08-11 Exterior Roof-mounted bike and luggage rack from BMW
2009-08-11 Accessories & Products Roof-mounted bike and luggage rack from BMW
2009-08-08 Suspension & Steering Front suspension, How to diagnose thrust arms and check for play (video)
2009-08-08 Suspension & Steering Rear suspension, How to diagnose and check for play (video)
2009-08-04 Wheels and Tires used tires
2009-08-02 Interior Active comfort seats E39 retrofit (by stilljester)
2009-08-02 Retrofit Installations Active comfort seats E39 retrofit (by stilljester)
2009-08-01 Brakes Brake rotors and pads, minimum thicknesses
2009-07-27 Electronics PDC problems, diagnosis and repair
2009-07-26 Brakes Brakes, testing lining warning sensors
2009-07-26 Non-dealers Baum Tools (every BMW tool you can imagine)
2009-07-26 Reviews and Articles BMW e38 7-series TV commercials
2009-07-24 Wheels and Tires Tire manufacturing plant codes
2009-07-20 Brakes "Warped" Brake Discs and Other Myths
2009-07-20 Non-dealers Window regulators, FCP Groton
2009-07-20 Non-dealers Window regulators, Regulator USA
2009-07-18 Retrofit Installations Trunk/boot automatic hydraulic close by Eric
2009-07-09 Exterior Trunk lock operation (video)
2009-07-09 Exterior Taillights, polishing plastic to remove yellow
2009-07-09 David's Project Notes Taillights, polishing plastic to remove yellow
2009-07-09 Wheels and Tires Tire comparisons by Car and Driver magazine (PDF, Aug 2009)
2009-07-09 Retrofit Installations Gloss window trim and mirrors
2009-07-09 Exterior Window trim, front replacement
2009-07-09 Exterior Window trim, rear replacement
2009-07-08 Interior Door panel cleaning and R&R
2009-07-07 Engine & Drivetrain Fuel pump removal and replacement
2009-07-06 Heating & Air Conditioning Climate control system and features explained
2009-07-02 Car Care GlossHaus wax and polish
2009-07-01 Reviews and Articles Road & Track review: 2009 BMW 750Li
2009-06-30 Exterior Bumper removal, rear, removing and installing (BMW PDF)
2009-06-30 Exterior Bumper removal, rear (with Remus exhaust install)
2009-06-29 Exterior Door trim replacement
2009-06-27 David's Project Notes Fuel filter replacement
2009-06-23 Suspension & Steering Rear sway bar installation
2009-06-22 Interior Center console switches, how to replace without removing the wood console
2009-06-19 Interior Cupholder support arm repair
2009-06-17 Transmission Transmission valve body R&R
2009-06-15 Accessories & Products Peake R5 FCX owner's manuals (with code listings)
2009-06-15 Transmission Transmission issues cured by new voltage regulator
2009-06-15 Engine & Drivetrain Rough idle fix
2009-06-08 General Information Production figures for the BMW E38 7-series
2009-06-08 Reviews and Articles Bimmer Magazine e38 buyer's guide (08/2005) and market update (06/2007)
2009-06-05 Interior Glove box latch key switch
2009-06-04 Performance Upgrades Strong Strut
2009-06-04 BMW Car Club Chapters Arizona BMW Z-series Club
2009-06-04 Interior Rear sunshade steel gear replacement
2009-06-04 Suspension & Steering Polishing aluminum links
2009-06-01 Exterior Front bumper and trim removal
2009-06-01 Exterior Rear bumper and fender black trim replacement / PDC removal
2009-05-27 Exterior Hood Grill / Washer Jet Removal and Inspection
2009-05-26 Engine & Drivetrain MAF boot replacement (fix for rough idle, intermittent loss of power)
2009-05-26 Engine & Drivetrain VANOS solenoid gasket replacement (M62-TU engine)
2009-05-26 Lighting Brakes, quad brake light modification via the wiring harness (video)
2009-05-24 Heating & Air Conditioning Poor A/C performance and R134a pressures
2009-05-18 Suspension & Steering BMW wheel alignment procedure (PDF)
2009-05-15 Electronics Ignition switch wiring pinouts
2009-05-06 BMW Dealers BMW of Cleveland
2009-05-06 Interior Windshield buzzing noise problem
2009-05-04 Engine & Drivetrain Oil questions and answers
2009-05-04 Interior Sagging headliner repair with a steamer
2009-05-04 Engine & Drivetrain Distributor caps and rotors R&R notes (750iL)
2009-05-04 Suspension & Steering Rear upper control arm R&R
2009-05-04 Suspension & Steering Outer tie rod R&R
2009-05-04 Accessories & Products ClearMask automotive paint and light protection film
2009-04-27 Salvage Companies & Recyclers Strictly German (Atlanta, GA)
2009-04-27 Salvage Companies & Recyclers BW Auto Dismantlers Inc (Sacramento, CA)
2009-04-26 Navigation Troubleshooting blank nav screen and radio shut off
2009-04-26 Phone Bluetooth, using a current Bluetooth-Assist TCU instead of a ULF in a pre-2004 car
2009-04-25 Electronics commercial solution for defective instrument cluster pixels
2009-04-13 Interior Accelerator pedal removal
2009-04-13 Leather Care & Repair Fibernew Leather and Plastic Restoration
2009-04-13 Restoration and Repair Fibernew Leather and Plastic Restoration
2009-04-11 Exterior Rear window drip rails, replacing the cracked rubber
2009-04-08 Paint and paint chip repair Paint defects solution guide by Dupont
2009-04-07 Engine & Drivetrain Cruise control, finding the start button on pre-99 models
2009-04-07 Engine & Drivetrain Cruise control, replacing a sticky bowden cable
2009-03-31 Suspension & Steering Steering wheel, M3/M5 sport wheel adaptation/retrofit
2009-03-25 Engine & Drivetrain Camshaft position sensor (CPS) location on the V12 engines
2009-03-25 Brakes Brakes, fluid flush and piston rebuild
2009-03-24 User Groups Midatlantic7s
2009-03-16 Suspension & Steering Springs, installing Eibach lowering springs on EDC-equipped 740iL
2009-03-08 Audio/Video TV, ATSC digital tuner upgrade
2009-03-08 Retrofit Installations Seat memory, adding to passenger seat
2009-02-14 Useful Links ISO CD files, how to burn them
2009-02-14 Interior Leather dashboard retrofit
2009-02-14 Retrofit Installations Leather dashboard retrofit
2009-01-27 Audio/Video Subwoofer install, Mojo's quick and dirty guide for the e38
2009-01-09 Interior Windows, replacing worn rubber lower window buffer (stopping clunk noise)
2009-01-09 Exterior Rear window trim removal
2009-01-08 Brakes Brakes, caliper rebuilding
2009-01-07 Retrofit Installations Steering wheel, modifying for Mercedes paddle shifters
2009-01-05 Interior Rear seat pocket/hinge repair
2008-12-29 Useful Links
2008-12-20 David's Project Notes Heated steering wheel retrofit
2008-12-16 Recall Information NHTSA Defects and Recalls search engine
2008-12-14 Electronics Window switch control repair
2008-12-08 Retrofit Installations Shift paddles and steering column retrofit on a pre-'99 740iL
2008-12-07 Useful Links Timm's BMW E38 7-series Repair and Information site
2008-12-04 Interior Window tint, how to remove
2008-12-02 Useful Links Shogun's Tips and Tricks for the 7-series
2008-11-24 Audio/Video 6 Disc CD Changer Fix
2008-11-24 Retrofit Installations Automatic headlights and rain sensing wipers retrofit
2008-11-23 Maintenance Battery replacement options
2008-11-23 Heating & Air Conditioning Heater hot water valve repair
2008-11-20 Audio/Video BMW Nakamichi Glove Box CD Changer Installation
2008-11-18 Interior Rearview mirror removal and installation on windshield
2008-11-18 Transmission Transmission, adaptive features explained
2008-11-17 Exterior Front grills, removing
2008-11-17 Electronics Light control module chip replacement
2008-11-17 Electronics Cruise control module testing
2008-11-09 Exhaust Catalytic converter differences, before and after 1998
2008-11-08 Useful Links Garage door torsion spring replacement
2008-11-07 Suspension & Steering Rear shock absorber replacement (with video), 2001 735i
2008-11-05 Retrofit Installations Cameras, rearview camera install without a TV tuner module
2008-11-05 Audio/Video Cameras, rearview camera install without a TV tuner module
2008-11-03 Maintenance Spark plug change on the 750iL V12 engine
2008-10-30 Lighting Instrument Cluster Bulb Replacement Info
2008-10-30 Engine & Drivetrain P Codes (diagnostic codes) list
2008-10-29 Useful Links Magnum1's 740 pages
2008-10-29 Electronics DSC/ABS module repair/rebuild
2008-10-16 Suspension & Steering SLS pressure accumulator replacement video ('95 740iL)
2008-10-09 Engine & Drivetrain Auxiliary fan constantly running
2008-10-02 Engine & Drivetrain Alternator R&R on 750iL V12
2008-10-01 Transmission Steptronic Shifter Upgrade/Retrofit
2008-09-24 Suspension & Steering Front shock absorber replacement (2001 Euro 735i)
2008-09-16 Transmission Transmission fluid level check procedure
2008-09-14 Transmission Transmission Software Update for a hard 3-2 & 5-4 downshift in the 540iA, 740iA, and 730iA (9/98-4/99 build date)
2008-09-14 Exterior Bumper removal (front)
2008-09-11 Brakes Brakes, emergency brake cable adjustment
2008-09-09 Recall Information Tire valve stems recalled from Chinese manufacturer
2008-09-04 Useful Links Certified used cars
2008-09-01 Engine & Drivetrain Electronic thermostat replacement
2008-09-01 Interior Active comfort seats E38 retrofit (by ripp222)
2008-09-01 Retrofit Installations Active comfort seats E38 retrofit (by ripp222)
2008-08-31 Transmission Automatic transmission fluid substitutes
2008-08-29 Interior Headliner removal and replacement
2008-08-26 Lighting Footwell lighting retrofit
2008-08-26 Retrofit Installations Footwell lighting retrofit
2008-08-26 Electronics PDC module replacement
2008-08-26 Suspension & Steering Steering wheels, differences between pre-99 and post-99
2008-08-23 Accessories & Products BMW Complete Special Tools Report (PDF, 140 pages)
2008-08-21 Suspension & Steering Front-end noises and their causes
2008-08-18 Engine & Drivetrain Water pump replacement without removing radiator
2008-08-18 Engine & Drivetrain Valve cover replacement tips
2008-08-18 Electronics Siren/horn replacement and/or changing
2008-08-18 Electronics Steering wheel raises when exiting vehicle, how to
2008-08-18 Exterior Mirrors, Remote power folding mirrors installation
2008-08-18 Electronics Multimeters: How to use them
2008-08-13 Suspension & Steering Ignition key turns 360 degrees
2008-07-30 Interior Steering wheel, how to change the slip ring
2008-07-30 Suspension & Steering Steering wheel, how to change the slip ring
2008-07-17 David's Project Notes Turn signal stalk (blinker) replacement
2008-07-17 Electronics Turn signal stalk (blinker) replacement
2008-07-08 Interior Differences between 750iL vs. 750iL Protection model
2008-07-07 Exterior Sunroof alignment procedure
2008-07-07 Suspension & Steering Servotronic steering module replacement
2008-07-07 Lighting Taillights, rear quad brake light mod by RobertG
2008-07-07 Lighting Taillights, rear quad brake light mod by IBHenry
2008-06-26 Heating & Air Conditioning A/C hose rebuilding service
2008-06-26 Exhaust Oxygen Sensor (O2) FAQ
2008-06-26 Electronics Pixel display repair technique by Edwin
2008-06-06 David's Project Notes Throttle cable bushings replacement
2008-06-06 Engine & Drivetrain Throttle cable bushings replacement
2008-06-05 Exterior Sunroof gasket replacement
2008-06-03 Interior Window regulator replacement notes
2008-05-30 Electronics Remote key refurbishment with new rubber pads
2008-05-30 Heating & Air Conditioning Heater core replacement
2008-05-24 Leather Care & Repair Leather color codes for BMW's
2008-05-22 Retrofit Installations Seats, Electric rear headrests retrofit
2008-05-19 Lighting Fog lights, HID installation by Edwin
2008-05-18 Engine & Drivetrain Differential options for the E38
2008-05-16 Interior Instrument cluster, how to open to install metal gauge rings
2008-05-16 Retrofit Installations Seats, M-sport seats (front and rear) retrofit
2008-05-15 Suspension & Steering Front wheel bearing (hub) replacement
2008-05-12 Exterior Chrome window trim gap/shrinkage fix
2008-05-12 Retrofit Installations Electric rear seat headrests retrofit
2008-05-12 Retrofit Installations Rear automatic climate control retrofit
2008-05-12 Transmission Transmission disassembly photos
2008-05-07 Exterior Mirror glass removal
2008-05-05 Suspension & Steering Motor mounts, removal and replacement
2008-05-03 Exhaust Catalytic converter dissection photos
2008-04-27 Interior Seat belt height adjustment bowden cable replacement
2008-04-26 Exterior Trunk/Rear emblem badge placement
2008-04-23 Lighting Xenon bulb replacement
2008-04-21 Retrofit Installations Cameras, David Frame's backup camera installation
2008-04-21 Audio/Video Cameras, David Frame's backup camera installation
2008-04-21 Exterior Door handle (exterior) removal and replacement
2008-04-20 Interior Door panels, re-gluing separating panel trim
2008-04-19 Exterior Hood, Bowden cable replacement
2008-04-18 Lighting Brakes, third brake light gasket replacement
2008-04-17 Exterior Hood, emergency unlock for broken cable release
2008-04-17 Engine & Drivetrain Oil separator valve (OSV) replacement on the V12 M72/M73 engine
2008-04-12 Interior Carpet, rear deck and footrest color change/re-dye
2008-04-09 Navigation SES / Voice Recognition Module command list
2008-04-09 Retrofit Installations SES voice recognition retrofit
2008-04-09 Electronics SES voice recognition retrofit
2008-04-04 Suspension & Steering Suspension terminology explained
2008-03-31 Maintenance Fuel injector cleaning, DIY benchtop system
2008-03-29 Interior Seat back, 750 upper wood trim retrofit
2008-03-25 Electronics MID pixel repair
2008-03-22 Retrofit Installations Fog lights, Euro fog light switch retrofit
2008-03-22 Lighting Fog lights, Euro fog light switch retrofit
2008-03-21 Maintenance Oil change recommendations and the service interval lights
2008-03-18 Electronics Redundant data storage for mileage tamper dot
2008-03-16 Lighting Fog lights, HID installation by 04sshd
2008-03-14 Electronics Alarms triggered by defective hood/tilt sensor
2008-03-12 Lighting Headlights, angel eye installation with daytime running lights
2008-03-10 Suspension & Steering Power steering faults and bad General Module
2008-03-01 Interior Seats, splicing connectors/wiring for 99+ sport seats into a 95-98 BMW
2008-02-27 Suspension & Steering M Sport Steering Wheel in pre-9/96 E38 & E39
2008-02-25 Lighting Fog lights, HID retrofit by Magnum
2008-02-24 Transmission Transmission disassembly and rebuild
2008-02-24 Lighting Headlight washer replacement
2008-02-22 Retrofit Installations Rain-sensing wiper retrofit
2008-02-22 Electronics Rain-sensing wiper retrofit
2008-02-21 Electronics Radars, Valentine One radar detector stealth installation in a BMW E39 5-series
2008-02-21 Exterior Windshield wind noise and proper installation
2008-02-20 Audio/Video DVD aftermarket video module installation
2008-02-20 Interior Seat leather skin replacement
2008-02-19 Interior Headliner material source and example installation
2008-02-19 Transmission Transmission fluid flush with Valvoline MaxLife ATF
2008-02-13 Audio/Video iPod stereo input through the tape deck wiring
2008-02-08 Interior Seat trim replacement
2008-02-05 Exterior Windshield upper gasket replacement
2008-02-02 Retrofit Installations Sunroof Steel to glass conversion
2008-02-02 Navigation Navigation retrofit ('99 740iL)
2008-01-31 Lighting Headlights, Angel-eye e39 installation video
2008-01-28 Suspension & Steering Servotronic valve removal from steering gear
2008-01-28 Suspension & Steering Power Steering Flush
2008-01-27 Exterior Headlamp washer nozzle replacement without removing bumper
2008-01-26 Interior Steering Wheel M-sport retrofit
2008-01-26 Interior Headrest (rear electric) Retrofit
2008-01-24 Interior Doorlock actuator replacement (unlocking a locked rear door)
2008-01-24 Heating & Air Conditioning Aux water pump dissection photos
2008-01-21 Electronics Lamp module replacement
2008-01-18 Brakes Brakes, wear sensor part numbers
2008-01-17 Wheels and Tires Wheels M-Parallel Rim Speckle Removal
2008-01-11 Exterior Windshield wiper arm contact adjustment
2008-01-07 Retrofit Installations Paddle-shift retrofit for Steptronic transmissions
2008-01-04 Transmission Transmission ZF Troubleshooting
2008-01-03 Reviews and Articles Review of 1999 BMW 740i Sport
2008-01-02 Electronics Instrument cluster parts swap alternative to re-coding after pixel fix
2007-12-31 Heating & Air Conditioning AC compressor rebuild
2007-12-26 Engine & Drivetrain Fan belt replacement tips
2007-12-21 Maintenance Valve rebuild M62 engine
2007-12-11 Electronics Tamper dot for mileage explained
2007-12-07 Salvage Companies & Recyclers Euro-Depot
2007-12-07 Audio/Video Stereo Aux In jack retrofit
2007-12-07 Retrofit Installations Sunblind rear switch retrofit
2007-12-06 Useful Links Alternative Fueling Station Locator (US Dept. of Energy)
2007-12-04 Retrofit Installations Battery secondary trunk retrofit
2007-12-02 Transmission Transmission 5HP24 ZF spare parts manual (PDF)
2007-11-23 Heating & Air Conditioning Heater valve and auxilary pump replacement
2007-11-13 Retrofit Installations Trunk/boot automatic hydraulic close by Edwin
2007-10-22 Paint and paint chip repair
2007-10-22 Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC buzzing noise repair
2007-10-22 Exhaust Exhaust valve and cylinder head repair
2007-10-22 Maintenance Engine mount replacement (video)
2007-10-22 Paint and paint chip repair Tail lights yellowing restoration
2007-10-17 Interior Window regulator (front) replacement
2007-10-16 Interior Glovebox latch repair
2007-10-15 Brakes, Batteries, Lights Distinguishing genuine Brembo rotors from fakes
2007-10-10 Audio/Video CD changer cleaning
2007-10-06 Interior Window motor replacement
2007-10-05 Interior Door lock rear actuator replacement #2
2007-10-01 Interior Headliner replacement
2007-09-27 Interior Steering wheel mount differences by model year
2007-09-27 Paint and paint chip repair Edwin's great scratch repair article
2007-09-27 Interior Sunscreen (rear) power drive repair
2007-09-27 Electronics Trunk-release repeated fuse failures may be caused by stuck fuel filler solenoid
2007-09-27 Phone Fix for broken factory-installed Motorola GSM phones
2007-09-24 Non-dealers
2007-09-20 Suspension & Steering Steering power fluid flush / filter change
2007-09-18 Interior OBD service port cover replacement bracket
2007-09-17 Reviews and Articles Car&Driver review of 2000 740iL Protection model
2007-09-14 Electronics Wiring harness damage causes various electrical faults
2007-09-14 Engine & Drivetrain Gas tank imploding (evaporative cannister purge line)
2007-09-11 Lighting Lights C-pillar accents
2007-09-10 Electronics Battery removal and replacement (trunk-mounted)
2007-09-10 Interior Ski-bag pass-throughretrofit
2007-09-10 Retrofit Installations Ski-bag pass-throughretrofit
2007-09-07 Navigation Navigation hidden service menu
2007-09-05 Lighting Footwell rear lights retrofit
2007-09-05 Interior Seat back replacement
2007-08-22 Heating & Air Conditioning Auxiliary Cooling Fan Troubleshooting
2007-08-21 Maintenance Service interval light reset via the instrument cluster
2007-08-20 Heating & Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Condenser Fan Resistor Repair
2007-08-17 Interior Center console wood polishing
2007-08-14 Lighting Door handle Interior lighting retrofit
2007-08-06 Exterior Trunk close fix
2007-07-29 Interior Trim Wood/Metal interior conversion
2007-07-24 Electronics BMW Electrical Troubleshooting Manuals (ETM's)
2007-07-19 Exterior Window (rear) seal replacement
2007-07-19 Audio/Video DVD installed in casette space behind nav screen
2007-07-19 Suspension & Steering Steering return pipe R&R
2007-07-16 Lighting Headlights, angel eyes remote feature DIY
2007-07-08 David's Project Notes Cruise control disengaging (actuator replacement)
2007-07-08 Electronics Cruise control disengaging (actuator replacement)
2007-07-08 Electronics GM module R&R
2007-05-26 Exterior Rocker panel (door sill) removal
2007-05-23 Exhaust Exhaust, Magnaflow 14816 mufflers installation
2007-05-22 Exterior Key locked in trunk solution
2007-05-22 Interior Window regulator replacement
2007-05-11 Engine & Drivetrain Alternator replacement (2000 BMW 740il)
2007-04-24 Interior Recirculation filter R&R
2007-04-24 Lighting Lighting, Footwell front lights retrofit
2007-04-20 Engine & Drivetrain Cooling system basics
2007-04-19 Exterior Sunroof reset
2007-04-16 Maintenance Valley pan, intake/valve cover gaskets repair, spark plug change and oil pump bolts
2007-04-07 Electronics Battery replacement options
2007-04-06 Exterior Door handle repair
2007-03-29 Suspension & Steering Front stabilizer (swing arm) R&R
2007-03-21 Maintenance Fuel filter/pressure regulator R&R ('99 740iL)
2007-03-13 Reviews and Articles Autochannel review: 1999 BMW 740iS
2007-03-10 Maintenance Service interval light system explained
2007-03-10 Lighting Headlights, angel eyes installation
2007-03-08 Maintenance Combustion chamber cleaning
2007-03-07 Brakes Brakes, fluid flush
2007-02-18 Interior Glovebox, opening when broken
2007-02-14 Electronics OBC unlocking
2007-02-10 Suspension & Steering Steering box and hose access by jacking up engine
2007-02-03 Engine & Drivetrain Fuel filler hose replacement
2007-01-31 Lighting Overhead LED 'Night Lights' retrofit for pre-'09/95 cars
2007-01-31 Retrofit Installations Overhead LED 'Night Lights' retrofit for pre-'09/95 cars
2007-01-28 Audio/Video CD43 service mode (changing from Europe to USA)
2007-01-28 Interior Cupholder repair
2007-01-26 Lighting Fog lights, HID foglight install by cleanride740il
2007-01-25 General Information BMW Inspections I and II details
2007-01-20 Interior Leather seat restoration 1992 750iL E32
2007-01-20 David's Project Notes Leather seat restoration 1992 750iL E32
2007-01-17 David's Project Notes PDC rear bumper retrofit ('92 750iL)
2007-01-17 Electronics PDC rear bumper retrofit ('92 750iL)
2007-01-16 Useful Links Automotive converters and calculators
2007-01-16 Useful Links Torque value calculator (Nm / ft-lbs conversions)
2007-01-15 Interior Ashtray replacement
2007-01-15 Salvage Companies & Recyclers Willz Recycling
2007-01-11 Brakes Brakes, emergency brake cable replacement
2007-01-09 Interior Seat belt replacement
2007-01-09 David's Project Notes Trunk shock replacement
2007-01-09 Exterior Trunk shock replacement
2007-01-08 Lighting Taillights, rear quad brake light mod by zigor911
2007-01-08 Audio/Video Rear A/V panel wiring connections
2007-01-08 Salvage Companies & Recyclers Scubas Gear Ebay Store
2007-01-07 Wheels and Tires Tire size comparison charts
2007-01-06 Interior Door lock (rear) actuator replacement
2007-01-06 Maintenance Fuel filter replacement
2007-01-04 Exterior Sunroof leak solution
2007-01-02 Transmission Transmission, Steptronic +/- reverse mod
2006-12-28 General Information BMW service codes lookup tool
2006-12-28 Interior Center console R&R
2006-12-27 Navigation Splash screen customization in Mark III navigation
2006-12-23 Lighting Headlights, Xenon headlight level adjustment (PDF)
2006-12-23 Electronics Alarm triggered by faulty hood switches
2006-12-21 Maintenance Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) cleaning and Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS) R&R
2006-12-20 Brakes Brakes, bleeding with the BavAuto bleed kit
2006-12-20 Interior Airbags, passenger seat SRS occupancy sensor mat replacement
2006-12-19 Transmission Transmission, torque converter installation tips
2006-12-19 Engine & Drivetrain V12 engine complete overhaul with photos
2006-12-18 Electronics Z8 engine start button installation in E46
2006-12-18 Electronics I-BUS and speed sensor trunk wiring connections
2006-12-18 Lighting Headlight aiming procedures
2006-12-09 Electronics Pixel display repair technique by visionbmw7
2006-12-01 Reviews and Articles Canadian Driver Used Vehicle Review: 1995-2001 BMW 7-series
2006-12-01 Electronics Radars, Valentine1/Stealth1 radar detector installation by Magnum
2006-12-01 Suspension & Steering Rear suspension rebuild: ball joint, strut, wishbone, guide link
2006-11-27 Paint and paint chip repair Zaino sequence for detailing your paint
2006-11-10 Exterior Mirrors, wide-angle mirrors installation
2006-10-23 Maintenance Differential fluid change, how-to
2006-10-23 Maintenance Readiator replacement, how-to
2006-10-23 Maintenance Fuel filter change, how-to
2006-10-21 Audio/Video Radio service mode
2006-10-20 Audio/Video Cameras, rear view backup camera retrofit
2006-10-20 Retrofit Installations Cameras, backup rear view retrofit
2006-10-16 Engine & Drivetrain Valley Pan/Valve Cover Gaskets/OSV R&R
2006-10-13 Electronics Airbag seatbelt tensioner harness repair
2006-10-02 Reviews and Articles Autochannel review: 1998 740iL
2006-10-02 Reviews and Articles Edmunds review: 1998 740iL
2006-10-02 Suspension & Steering Steering box replacement tips
2006-10-02 Suspension & Steering Steering shaft U-joint replacement
2006-09-27 Owner's Manuals 2001 BMW E38 sales training videos
2006-09-27 Owner's Manuals 2001 BMW E38 audio users guide (MP3)
2006-09-22 Engine & Drivetrain MAF replacement using Range Rover part
2006-09-18 Engine & Drivetrain Water pump replacement (2000 750iL, M73 engine)
2006-09-07 Audio/Video Headrest monitor installation
2006-09-07 Electronics Rain sensor replacement
2006-09-01 Engine & Drivetrain DSC Controller Replacement
2006-09-01 Maintenance Recircluation filter refurbishment
2006-09-01 Interior Recirculation filter replacement
2006-08-28 David's Project Notes Air conditioning compressor R&R ('98 750iL)
2006-08-28 Heating & Air Conditioning Air conditioning compressor R&R ('98 750iL)
2006-08-28 David's Project Notes Ignition switch removal and replacement
2006-08-28 Electronics Ignition switch removal and replacement
2006-08-08 Engine & Drivetrain Oil separator valve (OSV) replacement
2006-07-28 Phone Razr adapter retrofit project
2006-06-23 Lighting Headlights, Xenon, DDE and Euro Foglight Switch Install
2006-06-11 Engine & Drivetrain Water pump & thermostat replacement
2006-06-01 Suspension & Steering Shocks (rear) replacement
2006-05-29 Heating & Air Conditioning Rattling fan noise in dashboard fix
2006-05-23 Interior Gurgling A/C drain tubes
2006-05-05 Electronics How to run wires between door and footwell
2006-04-30 Audio/Video DSP amplifier replacement with aftermarket unit
2006-04-11 Engine & Drivetrain Crankshaft Pulse Generator replacement
2006-04-11 Engine & Drivetrain Expansion Tank Replacement for Dummies
2006-04-11 Lighting Chromeline insert - HID conversion and Angel / DDE installation
2006-04-01 Exterior Windshield washer pump and jet fix
2006-03-31 Useful Links Total BMW Magazine
2006-03-31 Interior Trim, polishing interior wood trim and console
2006-03-27 Electronics Tire pressure monitor retrofit
2006-03-25 Navigation Gooseneck Mark II navigation installation instructions (PDF)
2006-03-25 Navigation Navigation O/S software versions and how to upgrade
2006-03-22 Engine & Drivetrain Distributor caps and rotors R&R (750iL)
2006-03-22 Owner's Manuals 1997 BMW 5-series Radio and Information Systems Owner's Manual (PDF)
2006-03-19 Audio/Video Tweeter speaker removal from front doors
2006-03-19 Paint and paint chip repair Random orbital buffer polishing how-to
2006-03-18 Interior Rear parcel shelf/deck refurb
2006-03-16 Maintenance Oil pump bolts inspection
2006-03-12 Audio/Video Cameras, Brian's trunk lid backup camera installation
2006-03-06 Exterior Trunk shock replacement
2006-03-05 Audio/Video CD43 indash BMW CD player
2006-03-03 Engine & Drivetrain Steering, power steering hose replacement (750iL)
2006-02-22 Electronics Soldering experts help with repairing electronics
2006-02-20 Wheels and Tires Dave's BMW wheel chart
2006-02-16 General Information BMW CPO Vehicle Inspection Checklist
2006-02-16 Paint and paint chip repair How to spot paintwork
2006-02-16 General Information Bill's E38 Buying FAQ
2006-02-16 Exterior Window (rear) drip rail trim fix
2006-02-16 Exterior Antenna, Sharkfin retrofit
2006-02-16 Retrofit Installations Antenna, Sharkfin retrofit
2006-02-14 Maintenance Replacement batteries
2006-02-12 Useful Links
2006-02-12 Suspension & Steering Steering, How the systems work
2006-02-10 Owner's Manuals 2000 BMW 7-series Owner's Guide Interactive CD (130MB iso CD image)
2006-02-10 Exterior Trim, Shadowline black-out using tape
2006-02-09 Exterior Trim, Shadowline trim procedure (E30)
2006-02-09 Exterior Trim, Shadowline black-out of chrome trim (E30)
2006-02-09 Retrofit Installations Retrofit kit on-board monitor and navigation (BMW 7-series E38, PDF)
2006-02-09 Navigation Retrofit kit on-board monitor and navigation (BMW 7-series E38, PDF)
2006-02-06 Engine & Drivetrain Radiator fan electric upgrade
2006-02-04 Engine & Drivetrain Engine mount replacement tips
2006-02-01 Engine & Drivetrain Radiator and water pump replacement
2006-01-29 Wheels and Tires Bimmer Spinner
2006-01-28 Suspension & Steering Front strut replacement ('96 740iL)
2006-01-27 Electronics UGDO wiring
2006-01-25 Useful Links Korman BMW Restoration Services
2006-01-24 Suspension & Steering Suspension, front-end rebuild
2006-01-23 Electronics Replacing motion sensor with new ultrasonic type
2006-01-22 Engine & Drivetrain Oil Separator Valve (OSV) Replacement Notes/Photos 1998 BMW E38 (M62)
2006-01-20 Engine & Drivetrain Leakdown tests explained
2006-01-18 Exterior Windshield wipers not returning to home position
2006-01-16 Interior Seatbelt (rear) removal and replacement
2006-01-16 Engine & Drivetrain Valve cover stud, repairing when broken
2006-01-15 Exterior Rocker panel upgrade from 95-98 to 99 style
2006-01-14 Engine & Drivetrain Lambda (oxygen, O2) sensors -- all about them
2006-01-11 Maintenance Making Sense of Synthetic Lubricants (PDF)
2006-01-11 Maintenance More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Motor Oil (PDF)
2006-01-11 Navigation Widescreen monitor opens unexpectedly
2006-01-09 Non-dealers ASV Euro Car Parts (Australia)
2006-01-06 Lighting Euro 4-position fog light switch installation
2006-01-06 Owner's Manuals 2005 BMW Bluetooth Users Manual
2006-01-05 Maintenance 2001 BMW Service Maintenance Checklist
2006-01-05 Transmission Transmissions, How to contact Kirt Koeller
2006-01-04 Navigation Navigation retrofit wiring diagram
2006-01-04 Engine & Drivetrain Fan Clutch - 101
2006-01-04 Useful Links
2006-01-03 Audio/Video Cameras, Magnum's TVonNav / Backup Camera Installation
2006-01-03 Exterior Mirrors, M-Style Folding Mirror Install
2006-01-02 Salvage Companies & Recyclers Neo BMW Breakers
2005-12-30 Electronics Key remote rebuilding
2005-12-30 Retrofit Installations V12 LPG conversion
2005-12-30 Electronics Siren (alarm chirp) replacement
2005-12-30 Reviews and Articles review of the 2001 BMW 750iL
2005-12-28 Useful Links BMW Plant Dingolfing
2005-12-27 Engine & Drivetrain Alternator R&R
2005-12-27 Useful Links Lodz, Poland BMW Club E38 page
2005-12-26 Interior Rearview mirror R&R
2005-12-26 Lighting Glove-box Flashlight Rejuvenation
2005-12-23 Audio/Video DSP part numbers
2005-12-21 Exterior Front bumper removal and headlight washer replacement
2005-12-21 Navigation BMW onboard monitor and navigation systems (PDF)
2005-12-21 Electronics BMW ASC/DSC systems (PDF)
2005-12-21 Electronics Troubleshooting with the DIS (PDF)
2005-12-21 Engine & Drivetrain BMW self-leveling suspension (PDF)
2005-12-21 Engine & Drivetrain M62 component locations (PDF)
2005-12-21 Engine & Drivetrain M62 torque values (PDF)
2005-12-21 Engine & Drivetrain M73 component locations (PDF)
2005-12-21 Engine & Drivetrain M73 torque values (PDF)
2005-12-21 Navigation Widescreen nav display (PDF)
2005-12-21 Engine & Drivetrain Starting systems (PDF)
2005-12-21 Electronics Electronics incl. lights, displays, MFL, cruise, audio, PDC (PDF)
2005-12-21 Electronics Multiple restraint system (PDF)
2005-12-21 Electronics BMW Drive Away Protection System (PDF)
2005-12-21 Audio/Video CD changer pinouts (PDF)
2005-12-21 Electronics BMW battery system (PDF)
2005-12-21 Engine & Drivetrain M60B30 and M60B40 engine details
2005-12-21 Maintenance Spark plug specifications
2005-12-21 Electronics BMW breakout boxes and connectors (PDF)
2005-12-20 Navigation MKIII nav system (PDF)
2005-12-20 Engine & Drivetrain M62 Engine details (PDF)
2005-12-20 Engine & Drivetrain OBDII system with Error codes (PDF)
2005-12-20 Transmission Electronic Transmission control (PDF)
2005-12-20 Transmission Electronic Transmission control II (PDF)
2005-12-20 Transmission Transmission Fundementals II (PDF)
2005-12-20 Transmission Transmission Fundementals (PDF)
2005-12-20 Electronics BMW Bus System defined (PDF)
2005-12-20 Audio/Video Details on the Flat pin Radios (PDF)
2005-12-20 Electronics Electrical system wiring diagrams (1995 BMW 740iL, PDF)
2005-12-20 Interior Rhett's front heated seat installation
2005-12-20 Lighting Tyre Daniely's H1 Xenon HID Conversion Kit Installation
2005-12-16 Audio/Video Aux input, How to modify your radio
2005-12-16 Navigation Restoring INFO and SELECT buttons
2005-12-15 Electronics Understanding European wiring diagrams (PDF)
2005-12-15 Interior Heated seat broken wire repair
2005-12-14 Engine & Drivetrain Diagnostic trouble codes (PDF)
2005-12-14 Electronics Alarm/siren not sounding
2005-12-14 Leather Care & Repair Fitzgerald’s Restoration Products
2005-12-12 Engine & Drivetrain Steering column adjustment to reduce play
2005-12-11 Electronics Instrument cluster disassembly photos
2005-12-11 Exterior Trunk lid adjustment
2005-12-10 Engine & Drivetrain Hood, opening to 90 degrees (hood service mode)
2005-12-10 Engine & Drivetrain MAF testing
2005-12-09 Maintenance Secondary air system failure (fault analysis guide)
2005-12-09 Electronics 'half-on' ASC+T/DSC mode
2005-12-07 Engine & Drivetrain Zionsville Autosport all aluminum radiator
2005-12-07 Electronics OBC secret displays for the E38
2005-12-05 Exterior Mirrors, exterior replacement
2005-12-05 Maintenance Double battery R&R on '01 750iL
2005-12-01 Useful Links Performance BMW Magazine
2005-12-01 Useful Links Bimmer Magazine
2005-12-01 Retrofit Installations Mark Brady's 2001 Headlamp Upgrade
2005-12-01 Non-dealers
2005-11-30 Engine & Drivetrain M60 engine specs
2005-11-29 Phone Microphone, Upgraded for bluetooth
2005-11-29 Engine & Drivetrain Oil pump replacement and chain adjustment
2005-11-25 General Information Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) brochure from BMW
2005-11-25 General Information Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) warranty information
2005-11-21 Lighting Headlight adjustment
2005-11-21 Retrofit Installations Keys, older style to newer style key upgrade
2005-11-21 Engine & Drivetrain Valve cover gasket replacement procedure
2005-11-17 Retrofit Installations Instrument cluster, aluminum gauge rings
2005-11-16 Retrofit Installations Cameras, Tyre Daniely's rear bumper backup camera installation
2005-11-11 Engine & Drivetrain Water pump replacement
2005-11-11 Engine & Drivetrain Radiator/thermostat/water pump replacement
2005-11-07 Engine & Drivetrain Belt Replacement Instructions (Incl. Fan Removal)
2005-11-03 Leather Care & Repair
2005-10-30 Engine & Drivetrain Ball joints, Homemade rear ball joint removal tool
2005-10-17 Exhaust Muffler gutting and custom tailpipes
2005-10-09 Electronics SRS Airbag (seatbelt tensioner) fix for driver's seat fault #5
2005-10-08 Owner's Manuals BMW TV module owner's manual: basic operations (PDF)
2005-10-05 Reviews and Articles review of 2000 750iL
2005-10-04 General Information BMW part numbers explained
2005-10-04 Engine & Drivetrain Fuel tank noise service bulletin
2005-10-04 Engine & Drivetrain Fuel pump replacement
2005-09-19 Engine & Drivetrain Diagnostic trouble codes, DTC (PDF)
2005-09-17 Engine & Drivetrain Engine fault codes
2005-09-10 Retrofit Installations Wiring, How to fish wires from front console to rear seats
2005-08-29 Interior Instrument cluster metal gauge rings
2005-08-21 Engine & Drivetrain OBD-II standard fault codes list
2005-08-21 Maintenance MAF cleaning
2005-06-15 Accessories & Products I.D. IT! Plates
2005-06-15 Retrofit Installations Bluetooth installation instructions (PDF)
2005-06-13 Navigation TV tuner wiring harness connections
2005-06-13 Brakes Brakes, proper orientation of slotted rotors
2005-06-11 Heating & Air Conditioning A/C fittings, location of low and high side ports
2005-06-09 Electronics Seat control module for power seats and steering column
2005-06-08 Engine & Drivetrain Koala Motorsports M60 Nikosil vs. Alusil page
2005-06-08 Lighting Headlights, dwightf's Umnitza DDE/Angel Eye DIY Install
2005-06-07 Lighting Headlights, Mark Caldwell's removal and chromelining instructions
2005-06-06 Owner's Manuals BMW E38 Guide to Features and Operations Video
2005-06-06 Retrofit Installations Putting a V12 M70 in an E30 3-series
2005-06-03 Leather Care & Repair Kevin Chinn's Creative Options
2005-05-31 Engine & Drivetrain Advanced BMW ABS hints and tips
2005-05-30 Interior Door panel removal
2005-05-23 Retrofit Installations Aleki's indicator mirror retrofit
2005-05-19 Electronics Radars, Shled's StealthOne installation
2005-05-17 General Information BMW tightening torque values (PDF)
2005-05-17 Engine & Drivetrain Fuel pump replacement
2005-05-15 Interior Child's Car Seat Tether Anchor Install
2005-05-15 Audio/Video Trunk, Magnum's custom mounting shelf for trunk (with rear seat and parcel shelf removal instructions)
2005-05-14 Owner's Manuals 1999 7-series Protection Model Owner's Manual (PDF)
2005-05-13 Interior Drivers side seat belt 'click' fix
2005-05-13 Navigation Mark I to Mark IV navigation upgrade notes
2005-05-12 Maintenance 5HP30 spare parts catalog (PDF)
2005-05-12 BMW Dealers The BMW Store
2005-05-12 Heating & Air Conditioning Patrick Parish's air conditioning page
2005-05-12 Transmission Transmission fluid level check procedure
2005-05-12 Interior Ashtray coinbox replacement
2005-05-12 Transmission Transmission whine and FILTRAN filter
2005-05-12 Interior ACS replica pedal install
2005-05-05 Navigation E39 Mark I - Mark IV upgrade
2005-05-05 General Information Common problems
2005-05-04 Maintenance Technical details of the service interval lights
2005-04-25 Owner's Manuals CPT8000 BMW Phone Operation (PDF)
2005-04-25 Owner's Manuals CPT8000 Timeport Manual (PDF)
2005-04-25 Owner's Manuals CPT8000 Timeport General Info (PDF)
2005-04-20 Engine & Drivetrain Oxygen sensor replacement
2005-04-10 Engine & Drivetrain Suspension, front-end rebuild
2005-04-09 Transmission Transmission removal
2005-04-01 Engine & Drivetrain Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS) replacement ('99 740iL)
2005-03-28 Owner's Manuals 2004 Navigation Owner's Manual (PDF)
2005-03-21 Audio/Video Ipod/Icelink integration
2005-03-20 Interior Trim, polishing scratches out of the wood trim
2005-03-20 General Information BMW production numbers by model
2005-03-18 Maintenance Oil service and inspection lights reset using a simple wire
2005-03-16 Interior Euro-Armrest install for the E38
2005-03-16 Electronics Pixel Display Defects: How to get it replaced by BMW
2005-03-13 Heating & Air Conditioning Heater control valve replacement
2005-03-09 General Information Jack points
2005-03-09 Interior Seat/steering wheel malfunction caused by broken seat control module
2005-03-07 Lighting Taillights: Crystal clear vs regular by model year
2005-03-07 Interior Cupholder repair by WTH
2005-03-06 User Groups Dallas Ft. Worth 7's (DFW7's)
2005-03-05 Navigation NavTech navigation CD region map
2005-03-04 Suspension & Steering Outer Tie Rod Replacement
2005-03-01 David's Project Notes 750iL secondary air pump replacement
2005-03-01 Engine & Drivetrain 750iL secondary air pump replacement
2005-02-28 Electronics Radars, Magnum's Escort ZR3 Installation
2005-02-15 Exterior Rear bumper trim/PDC removal
2005-02-12 General Information ZF transmission oil chart
2005-02-07 BMW Car Club Chapters MI: Motorcity Chapter
2005-02-05 Transmission Valvoline substitute for Esso LT 71141 transmission fluid
2005-02-04 Accessories & Products
2005-02-04 Engine & Drivetrain EPA page about On-board Diagnostics (OBD)
2005-02-03 Maintenance BMW recommendation for high pressure engine steam cleaning
2005-02-03 Leather Care & Repair replacement seat leather
2005-02-02 Electronics Pixel display repairs at
2005-01-29 Maintenance Steven Bernstein's BMW Brake FAQ
2005-01-25 Accessories & Products BMW Tools
2005-01-25 Accessories & Products Samstag Sales BMW Tools
2005-01-24 General Information Car and Key Memory Programming/Coding Explanations, Nov 2004 (PDF)
2005-01-24 General Information Car and Key Memory Settings E38 E39 E46 E52 E53, Nov 2004 (PDF)
2005-01-24 General Information Car and Key Memory Customer Selection Form, Nov 2004 (PDF)
2005-01-24 Suspension & Steering 740iL Rear Ball Joint Replacement
2005-01-24 Accessories & Products ParagonPerformance stainless steel braided fuel/brake lines
2005-01-24 Interior Flashlight LED conversion
2005-01-24 Accessories & Products
2005-01-24 Accessories & Products fender front protective covers
2005-01-22 Owner's Manuals Homelink UGDO Owner's Manual (PDF)
2005-01-20 Engine & Drivetrain Oil separator valve (OSV) replacement
2005-01-19 Engine & Drivetrain M73 V12 Intake Removal / Valve Cover Gaskets
2005-01-18 David's Project Notes Garage door UGDO upgrade
2005-01-17 Retrofit Installations E46 lumbar support retrofit
2005-01-17 Interior E46 lumbar support retrofit
2005-01-16 Interior Electric rear sunscreen fix
2005-01-07 Engine & Drivetrain Radiator expansion tank replacement procedure
2005-01-07 David's Project Notes Radiator expansion tank replacement procedure
2005-01-06 Suspension & Steering Front shock absorber replacement ('92 750iL)
2005-01-06 David's Project Notes Front shock absorber replacement ('92 750iL)
2004-12-31 Heating & Air Conditioning Blower motor replacement and dashboard removal procedure
2004-12-27 Engine & Drivetrain Car Battery FAQ
2004-12-24 David's Project Notes Oil filter housing broken rubber mounting bolts
2004-12-24 Audio/Video OEM TV module installation in a '98 740iL
2004-10-01 Retrofit Installations Sunshade (rear) retrofit by Nadeem
2004-10-01 Interior Sunshade (rear) retrofit by Nadeem
2004-09-30 Phone Bluetooth phone unpairing
2004-09-15 Heating & Air Conditioning Heater fan and dashboard removal
2004-09-09 Maintenance Oil pump bolts, checking for loose bolts
2004-09-09 Navigation Sogo Vision PC interface
2004-09-07 Audio/Video XM installed in ashtray
2004-09-06 Heating & Air Conditioning Heater core repair
2004-09-06 General Information BMW E38 fuse list
2004-09-05 Transmission Servicing the BMW e38 Automatic Transmission
2004-08-19 Lighting Headlights, HID ugprade by David Frame
2004-08-17 General Information CarBuyingTips: Avoiding eBay Fraud and Scams
2004-08-17 Restoration and Repair Eastwood Company
2004-08-17 Restoration and Repair
2004-08-16 Phone Bluetooth retrofit into a 2001 X5
2004-08-14 Retrofit Installations Cameras, backup camera installation
2004-08-14 Accessories & Products Artbeads E6000 headliner glue
2004-08-13 Interior Headliner R&R to fix leaky sunroof drain tubes
2004-08-06 Engine & Drivetrain Engine compartment detailing
2004-08-06 Interior Rear ashtray that won't stay closed
2004-08-03 Engine & Drivetrain Radiator nipple R&R
2004-08-01 Owner's Manuals 2003 Bluetooth ULF Owner's Manual
2004-07-31 Engine & Drivetrain Water valve and auxiliary water pump replacement how-to
2004-07-31 Navigation Bypasssing Video Module in Cars with factory TV
2004-07-29 Interior Rear power sunshade repair
2004-07-29 David's Project Notes Reinforcing the front seat plastic trim
2004-07-19 Navigation Mark IV voice buzz issue solution
2004-07-18 Retrofit Installations BimmerBoard Navigation Forum
2004-07-18 Retrofit Installations Retrofit installation of 750iL footwell lights
2004-07-18 David's Project Notes Rear window sunshade repair
2004-07-18 Interior Window sunshade (rear) repair
2004-07-11 General Information Advice for anyone about to purchase a 7
2004-07-03 Lighting Footwell lights, retrofitting from the 750iL
2004-06-25 Salvage Companies & Recyclers A-1 Driveshaft
2004-06-24 Electronics Modifying the UGDO with the electronics of another garage-door opener
2004-06-24 Wheels, Tires Wheel Collision Center
2004-06-23 Interior Child seat restraint latch DIY
2004-06-21 Useful Links E39 Do It Yourself (DIY) Archives
2004-06-21 Retrofit Installations Park Distance Control (PDC) rear wiring (E39)
2004-06-19 Retrofit Installations Fog lights, WTH's rear foglight upgrade
2004-06-19 Lighting Fog lights, WTH's rear foglight upgrade
2004-06-18 Transmission Adaptive transmission control explained
2004-06-18 Lighting Fog lights, European rear fog lights
2004-06-16 General Information How to choose the right tires for your car
2004-06-06 General Information VIN decoding. What do all those digits mean?
2004-06-05 General Information E38 Model Year Differences and Common Problems
2004-06-04 David's Project Notes Brakes, extracting a rounded-off hex bolt from a rotor
2004-06-04 David's Project Notes Brakes, rotor and caliper painting project
2004-06-04 Interior Airbags, replacing the SRS passenger occupancy sensor
2004-06-03 Audio/Video Sirius satellite radio retrofit into an X5
2004-06-03 General Information BMW body codes, VIN's and engine codes explained
2004-06-02 Useful Links International Assoc. of Independent BMW Service Professionals
2004-05-31 Interior Door panel (front) removal instructions
2004-05-30 Maintenance Radiator replacement notes
2004-05-28 General Information Independent BMW repair shop recommendations by region
2004-05-24 General Information BMW CPO Retailer Operations Manual
2004-05-23 Salvage Companies & Recyclers
2004-05-23 Audio/Video Basslink install wiring instructions
2004-05-22 Interior Seats, front seatback removal
2004-05-21 Engine & Drivetrain Reading BMW fuel injection codes (stomp test)
2004-05-16 Car Care Trim, care/detailing of black plastic and trim
2004-05-15 Brakes Brakes, changing rotors and pads
2004-05-15 Accessories & Products PhotoBlocker photo radar reflection spray
2004-05-14 Phone X5World Bluetooth links
2004-05-14 Salvage Companies & Recyclers Ken Baker Originals
2004-05-13 Electronics Escort ZR3 laser diffuser installation
2004-05-11 Wheels and Tires The NASA guide to home wheel-scuff repair
2004-05-10 Restoration and Repair Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning: RC Engineering
2004-05-10 Restoration and Repair Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning: Cruzin Performance
2004-05-10 Phone CPT7000/CPT8000 info
2004-05-09 Owner's Manuals Mark IV Navigation Owner's Manual (PDF)
2004-04-27 Electronics Key initialization, How-to
2004-04-26 Lighting Headlights, DFW7 DIY DDE Angel Eyes enhanced lighting installation video
2004-04-22 Useful Links Links 7er BMW Tipps und Tricks Reparaturhinweise E23 E65 E32 E38
2004-04-22 Navigation Setting Absolute Nav Volume
2004-04-22 Maintenance Oil/air separator system repair (fix for 10 seconds of smoke at startup)
2004-04-22 Transmission Transmission oil and filter replacement notes/photos on 1998 E38 (5HP24)
2004-04-20 Maintenance Valve cover gasket notes/photos for replacing (BMW E38 M62)
2004-04-08 Phone BMW 7 Series (e38) Bluetooth Retrofit
2004-04-08 Phone BMW 3 Series (e46) Bluetooth Installation DIY
2004-04-05 David's Project Notes Air filter changing for the engine
2004-04-05 Maintenance Air filter changing for the engine
2004-04-04 David's Project Notes Air filter changing of the microfilters under the hood
2004-04-04 Maintenance Air filter changing of the microfilters under the hood
2004-03-26 Lighting Headlights, True HID (xenon) headlamp conversion
2004-03-23 Exterior Mirrors, Power Folding/Auto-Dim Sideview Mirrors Retrofit
2004-03-21 Reviews and Articles 2001 BMW 7 Series Model Lineup
2004-03-21 Interior Rear quarter window shade removal
2004-03-20 Useful Links John Burn's BMW Addicts Site
2004-03-02 Interior Front seat removal
2004-03-02 David's Project Notes Front seat removal
2004-03-02 Lighting Fog lights and bulbs replacement
2004-03-02 David's Project Notes Fog lights and bulbs replacement
2004-03-01 Phone Antenna (sharkfin dipole) retrofit on the rear window
2004-03-01 Electronics Voice input module (SES) installation
2004-02-23 David's Project Notes Headrest cable repair
2004-02-23 Interior Headrest cable repair
2004-02-21 Maintenance Spark plug removal and replacement
2004-02-20 Exterior Front bumper license plate removal
2004-02-18 Electronics Radars, Lidatek and V1 stealth concealed installations
2004-02-16 David's Project Notes Headlights, OEM Xenon retrofit
2004-02-16 David's Project Notes Reattachment of front plastic seat trim
2004-02-16 Engine & Drivetrain Homemade cold air intake (CAI)
2004-02-15 Interior Victor steering wheel install
2004-02-15 Navigation Navigation Forum
2004-02-15 Navigation
2004-02-14 Navigation
2004-02-14 Navigation G-Net
2004-02-14 Navigation
2004-02-14 Navigation E46 Navigation/TV retrofit
2004-02-13 Suspension & Steering Shimmy at 45-55: Diagnosis of worn control arm bushings
2004-02-12 Exterior Winshield rubber trim replacement
2004-02-12 Accessories & Products
2004-02-08 Accessories & Products StarShield clear urethane bras and headlight covers
2004-02-07 David's Project Notes Paintless dent removal
2004-02-07 Lighting Fog light pitted glass replacement
2004-02-07 David's Project Notes Fog light pitted glass replacement
2004-02-05 Interior Glovebox trim and center console dash removal
2004-02-05 David's Project Notes Glovebox trim and center console dash removal
2004-02-03 Brakes Brakes, rotor and pad replacement on an Audi A8 (rear)
2004-02-03 Brakes Brakes, rotor and pad replacement on an Audi A8 (front)
2004-02-03 Transmission Transmission oil and filter change on an Audi A8
2004-02-03 Salvage Companies & Recyclers OCLES, Inc.
2004-02-02 Interior Leather seat restoration 1997 740iL E38
2004-02-02 David's Project Notes Leather seat restoration 1997 740iL E38
2004-02-01 Electronics Radars, StealthOne MID/OBC interface for Valentine1 radar detector
2004-02-01 Electronics MID removal from the center console
2004-02-01 David's Project Notes MID removal from the center console
2004-02-01 Interior Sunshade (rear) repair
2004-01-31 Interior Center wood console disassembly how-to
2004-01-31 David's Project Notes Center wood console disassembly how-to
2004-01-31 Shipping Companies Ebay Dependable Auto Shippers
2004-01-30 Engine & Drivetrain Dislocated final drive output shaft fix
2004-01-28 Engine & Drivetrain Power steering hose fix
2004-01-27 David's Project Notes Leather seat restoration 1986 735i E23
2004-01-27 Interior Leather seat restoration 1986 735i E23
2004-01-27 Retrofit Installations Heated steering wheel retrofit
2004-01-27 Audio/Video Amplifier connector pinouts
2004-01-27 Audio/Video Pioneer XM satellite radio integration
2004-01-23 Electronics Official word on older Homelink garage door openers
2004-01-23 Electronics How to program a rolling code garage door opener
2004-01-22 David's Project Notes Pioneer XM satellite radio integration
2004-01-22 David's Project Notes Windshield replacement
2004-01-22 David's Project Notes Heated seats (rear) retrofit
2004-01-22 David's Project Notes Puckering dash trim solution
2004-01-22 David's Project Notes Heated seats (front) retrofit
2004-01-22 Useful Links E38 Message Board
2004-01-14 Phone CPT7000-8000 upgrade information
2004-01-09 Restoration and Repair Madera Concepts
2004-01-09 Restoration and Repair William Rau Automotive Woodwork
2003-12-26 Audio/Video NY Times article comparing Sirius and XM
2003-12-09 Wheels and Tires Repair tire punctures the right way
2003-12-07 Maintenance Valve cover gasket replacement tips
2003-12-05 Reviews and Articles BusinessWeek reiew of 745Li
2003-12-04 Audio/Video Factory Car Stereo Repair, Inc.
2003-12-03 Accessories & Products OBD-II
2003-12-03 Electronics OBD-II interface project
2003-11-21 Non-dealers Bimmer Parts
2003-11-19 Transmission Cheaper OEM Esso transmission fluid from VW
2003-11-13 General Information ASC+T overview
2003-11-09 Maintenance Gummi-Pflege rubber seal maintenance
2003-11-09 Navigation V22 navigation system software
2003-11-09 Navigation BMW service bulletin on navigation software
2003-11-08 Exterior Fix for persistent "open door" errors
2003-11-07 Interior Leatherique leather seat restoration on a MB
2003-11-07 Leather Care & Repair ColorPlus leather restoration
2003-11-07 Leather Care & Repair Leather Magic leather restoration
2003-11-05 Navigation Using the "New Route" feature
2003-11-03 Reviews and Articles Internet Auto Guide review of 2001 BMW 7-series
2003-10-30 Exterior Sunroof gasket seal replacement
2003-10-30 Navigation Video module installation instructions
2003-10-29 Useful Links BMW Parts & Accessories Vendor List
2003-10-28 Accessories & Products Steve C's Rotary Lift garage installation
2003-10-28 Interior Center phone cradle removal
2003-10-27 Reviews and Articles Motortrend review of 1995-2001 pre-owned E38's
2003-10-27 Maintenance Service interval lights explained
2003-10-26 Electronics E38/E39 schematics and pinout diagrams
2003-10-25 Reviews and Articles Road and Track review of 740i sport
2003-10-25 Maintenance Coolant bleeding how-to
2003-10-24 Transmission Transmission (5HP30) service instructions
2003-10-24 Electronics Varan multimedia player for E38 nav system
2003-10-24 Electronics ADV-2000 analog to digital audio converter
2003-10-24 Electronics OBD-II to RS232 interface
2003-10-24 Accessories & Products Cruzin Performance
2003-10-24 BMW Car Club Chapters MD: National Capital Chapter BMW CCA
2003-10-24 BMW Car Club Chapters DC: National Capital Chapter BMW CCA
2003-10-19 Accessories & Products Valentine 1 Stealth Rear View Mirror Display
2003-10-17 Exterior Using E39 5-series wheels on an E38
2003-10-16 User Groups Socal 7's
2003-10-15 BMW Car Club Chapters VA: National Capital Chapter BMW CCA
2003-10-15 Useful Links Total BMW Magazine (UK)
2003-10-11 Reviews and Articles BMW M Motorsport History
2003-10-10 Electronics RF/Ultrasonic motion sensor replacement
2003-10-10 Reviews and Articles 1997 BMW 7-series specifications
2003-10-10 Reviews and Articles BMW World Review of 2000 7-series
2003-10-07 Accessories & Products lifetime radiator warranty
2003-10-07 Engine & Drivetrain Intake manifold removal instructions
2003-10-07 Leather Care & Repair Color-Plus leather restoration kits
2003-10-06 Interior Crooked ashtray fix
2003-10-01 Non-dealers Performance Motorcars
2003-10-01 Non-dealers Autohaus Arizona
2003-09-14 General Information VIN decoder applet
2003-09-12 Accessories & Products RC Engineering
2003-09-10 Accessories & Products Programma electronic component repair and rebuilding
2003-09-10 Accessories & Products Stebro stainless steel exhaust systems
2003-08-29 Brakes Brakes, bedding in new pads and rotors
2003-08-29 Exterior Trunk lock actuator stopped working
2003-08-25 Exterior 99-01 Rocker panel retrofit
2003-08-25 Paint and paint chip repair Paint colors
2003-08-22 Engine & Drivetrain O2 sensor part numbers at AutoZone
2003-08-22 Accessories & Products BMW Special Service Tools
2003-08-11 BMW Car Club Chapters AU: BMW Clubs Australia
2003-08-06 Heating & Air Conditioning R134a conversion information
2003-08-06 Salvage Companies & Recyclers Automatic Transmission Service Group
2003-08-06 Exhaust What kills catalytic converters?
2003-08-06 Accessories & Products replacement carpet and leather
2003-08-05 Accessories & Products Dynamat noise insulating products
2003-08-05 Accessories & Products ThermoTec heat insulating products
2003-08-04 Accessories & Products replacement molded carpet kits
2003-08-04 Transmission ZF Transmission Oil chart
2003-08-04 Non-dealers Importec Parts
2003-08-03 Electronics Radars, Valentine 1 and infrared windshields
2003-08-01 Non-dealers Performance Motorcars
2003-07-27 Non-dealers Eagle Day (BMW relays)
2003-07-26 Accessories & Products K40 radar detectors
2003-07-26 Accessories & Products Escort radar detectors
2003-07-26 Accessories & Products Valentine 1 radar detectors
2003-07-26 Accessories & Products Lidatek laser jammer
2003-07-25 Interior Cameras, build a headrest camcorder mount
2003-07-24 Lighting Fog lamp replacement
2003-07-23 Accessories & Products TV Free (video while driving)
2003-07-22 Salvage Companies & Recyclers Michaels Auto Parts
2003-07-22 Navigation Enabling TV display while car is in motion
2003-07-21 General Information What do fuel Octane ratings really mean?
2003-07-21 General Information The Low-Down on High Octane Gasoline
2003-07-20 Electronics Homemade super range extender for UGDO
2003-07-19 Engine & Drivetrain Power steering hose replacement (740iL)
2003-07-18 General Information Making sense of synthetic lubricants
2003-07-18 General Information All About Motor Oil
2003-07-18 Car Care Clay Magic
2003-07-18 Aftermarket Warranties AAA Extended Warranties
2003-07-18 Non-dealers Jaggi Import (ZF transmission parts)
2003-07-18 Aftermarket Warranties Warranty Station
2003-07-17 Interior Ultimate Guide to Armrests
2003-07-17 Exterior PDC sensor and front bumper trim removal
2003-07-16 Non-dealers Ultimate BMW Parts
2003-07-16 Accessories & Products BMW CD
2003-07-16 Wheels and Tires Ultimate Guide to Wheel Locks
2003-07-16 Electronics Universal Garage Door Opener (UGDO) Antenna Booster
2003-07-16 Brakes, Batteries, Lights Efunda Cryogenic Treatment
2003-07-16 Brakes, Batteries, Lights Controlled Thermal Processing, Inc.
2003-07-16 Engine & Drivetrain Erroneous check coolant level warnings
2003-07-16 Vehicle Import Classic Euro Cars
2003-07-16 Vehicle Import EPA page on CFC Phaseout
2003-07-16 Vehicle Import U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection
2003-07-16 Vehicle Import EPA Motor Vehicle Emissions
2003-07-16 Vehicle Import NHTSA Vehicle Import Regulations
2003-07-16 Vehicle Import Wallace Environmental Testing Labs
2003-07-16 Shipping Companies Intercity Lines, Inc.
2003-07-16 Audio/Video Pioneer CD replacement cartridges (
2003-07-16 Audio/Video Pioneer CD replacement cartridges (Circuit City)
2003-07-15 Interior Musty odor from A/C vents
2003-07-15 Suspension & Steering Front suspension parts and replacement instructions
2003-07-14 Aftermarket Warranties Certified Car Care
2003-07-14 Aftermarket Warranties Auto Advantage, Inc.
2003-07-14 Aftermarket Warranties United American Warranty
2003-07-14 Aftermarket Warranties American Shield Warranties
2003-07-14 Brakes, Batteries, Lights PowerBulbs (Philips Silvervision)
2003-07-14 Non-dealers Racing King Unlimited
2003-07-13 Lighting PowerBulbs (Philips Silvervision)
2003-07-13 Brakes Brakes, Pressurized Do-It-Yourself Brake Bleeding
2003-07-13 Lighting Removing front indicator lights
2003-07-13 Reviews and Articles Comparison Tests
2003-07-13 Reviews and Articles NewCarTestDrive review of 2001 7 series
2003-07-12 Exterior Shadowline trim parts for the 740iL
2003-07-12 General Information Installation procedures for ETK/TIS
2003-07-12 Shipping Companies Allstates Worldwide
2003-07-12 Shipping Companies American Car Transport
2003-07-12 Shipping Companies Car Transport USA
2003-07-12 Shipping Companies National Car Shipping
2003-07-11 General Information 1969-1998 Roundel issues on CD
2003-07-09 Electronics Alternative to the Universal Garage Door Opener
2003-07-04 Lighting Brakes, rear quad brake lights conversion by Dave Clement
2003-07-03 Leather Care & Repair SaabStuff Replacement Leather Seats
2003-07-01 Maintenance Repairing wiring harness under front wheel
2003-07-01 Heating & Air Conditioning A/C always blow hot air from windshield and footwell vents
2003-07-01 Engine & Drivetrain Auxillary fan slow-speed resistor repair
2003-07-01 General Information How to tell if a car has the Sport Package
2003-07-01 Shipping Companies MoveCars (Auto Transport Directory)
2003-07-01 Shipping Companies
2003-06-30 Salvage Companies & Recyclers Potomac German Auto
2003-06-28 Maintenance Clean the Idle Control Valve to fix rough idle
2003-06-28 Exterior Rocker panel upgrade
2003-06-26 Reviews and Articles ConsumerGuide review of 1995-2001 BMW 7-series
2003-06-24 Phone Activating analog carphone with Verizon
2003-06-24 General Information BMW Touch-up paint part numbers
2003-06-22 Interior BMW headliner installation
2003-06-22 General Information Factory Option Codes
2003-06-22 Accessories & Products Rain Tracker rain sensing wiper control
2003-06-18 General Information Pre-'96 Nikosil engine FAQ
2003-06-18 Engine & Drivetrain Nikosil engine FAQ
2003-06-12 Interior Door rattle fix
2003-06-12 Heating & Air Conditioning A/C compressor causing lumpy idle
2003-06-12 Aftermarket Warranties Extended Auto Warranty Corp.
2003-06-06 Engine & Drivetrain Fuel leak
2003-05-24 Electronics Radars, Valentine1 Installation
2003-05-23 Navigation Voice input module (SES), speech recognition, installation
2003-05-23 Exterior Brakes, painting your calipers
2003-05-22 Accessories & Products OEM Xenon headlamp assemblies from Bekkers
2003-05-22 Accessories & Products OEM replacement headlamp glass from Bekkers
2003-05-19 Recall Information Recall and TSB info for 1995 740iL
2003-05-19 Recall Information Recall and TSB info for 1996 740iL
2003-05-19 Recall Information Recall and TSB info for 2001 740iL
2003-05-19 Recall Information Recall and TSB info for 1998 740iL
2003-05-19 Recall Information Recall and TSB info for 1999 740iL
2003-05-19 Recall Information Recall and TSB info for 1997 740iL
2003-05-19 Recall Information Recall and TSB info for 2000 740iL
2003-05-17 Electronics Pixel Display Defects: Response from BMWNA
2003-05-17 Electronics Pixel Display Defects: Letter to BMWNA
2003-05-16 Exterior Mudflap Installation Instructions: Rear
2003-05-16 Exterior Mudflap Installation Instructions: Front
2003-05-11 Wheels 18" 2003 745 wheels on Ken Lohr's '97 740i
2003-04-30 Owner's Manuals CMT3000VR Cellphone Manual (PDF)
2003-04-30 Owner's Manuals Business MID Owner's Manual (PDF)
2003-04-30 Owner's Manuals 2001 7-series Owner's Manual (PDF)
2003-04-30 Owner's Manuals 1997 7-series Owner's Manual (PDF)
2003-04-30 Owner's Manuals 1999 7-series Owner's Manual (PDF)
2003-04-30 Owner's Manuals 2000 7-series Owner's Manual (PDF)
2003-04-29 Audio/Video E39 speaker upgrade/replacement project
2003-04-27 Wheels and Tires Forged vs. Cast Wheels Explained
2003-04-24 Maintenance Oil change how-to
2003-04-24 Audio/Video Infinity Basslink installation
2003-04-23 General Information Automotive Calculators
2003-04-23 Electronics Fix for wipers stuck at constant interval
2003-04-23 Lighting Headlight removal, disassembly and alignment directions by David K
2003-04-21 Aftermarket Warranties Web Direct Warranty
2003-04-21 Interior Masking cigarette burns in carpet
2003-04-19 Engine & Drivetrain Camber adjustment specs for rear wheels
2003-04-17 Interior Seat plastic cover replacement (front seats)
2003-04-15 Wheels Sealbeach740's chrome M-Parallels
2003-04-14 Interior Door handle replacement
2003-04-03 Exterior Windshield replacement
2003-04-03 Wheels 18" Rondell 58 on black '98 740iL
2003-04-03 Wheels 18" Rondell 58 on black '98 740iL (closeup)
2003-04-01 Exterior Kidney grills installation on the hood
2003-03-28 Maintenance Oil change DIY and removing the oil pan
2003-03-28 General Information Glossary of Terms & Abbreviations
2003-03-24 Brakes Brakes, worn parking brake shoes can cause rear squeak
2003-03-24 Exterior Sunroof adjustment how-to
2003-03-20 BMW Car Club Chapters CO: Rocky Mountain Chapter
2003-03-20 BMW Car Club Chapters IN: Hoosier BMW Car Club
2003-03-20 Maintenance Springs (rear) replacement
2003-03-20 Maintenance Springs (front) and brakes replacement
2003-03-19 Aftermarket Warranties EasyCare
2003-03-18 Owner's Manuals 2000 Navigation Owner's Manual (PDF)
2003-03-18 Owner's Manuals Voice Control (SES) Owner's Manual (PDF)
2003-03-18 Owner's Manuals 1999 Navigation Owner's Manual (PDF)
2003-03-17 Accessories & Products CV Vacuum Platers (for chromelining)
2003-03-17 Lighting Ultimate Chromeline (vacuum plated)
2003-03-16 Phone CPT8000 part numbers
2003-03-16 Suspension & Steering EDC III explained
2003-03-16 Suspension & Steering Electronic Damper Control (EDC) explained
2003-03-14 Interior One-piece center armrest
2003-03-13 General Information Koala Motorsports M60 Nikosil vs. Alusil page
2003-03-13 Engine & Drivetrain OBD II diagnostic trouble codes
2003-03-12 Navigation CloneCD (free tool for burning ISO CD's)
2003-03-12 Navigation ISO Buster (free tool for verifying ISO CD images)
2003-03-11 Interior Door panel removal
2003-03-11 Audio/Video Analysis of the DSP radio
2003-03-11 Interior Sunshade (electric rear) gear repair
2003-03-11 Wheels BMW Wheel Image Catalog
2003-03-10 Cup Holders Ultimate Cup Holders
2003-03-10 Cup Holders
2003-03-10 Cup Holders
2003-03-10 Interior Leatherique leather restoration on a E28 M5
2003-03-10 Leather Care & Repair Leatherique Leather Restoration Products
2003-03-10 Leather Care & Repair Color-Plus Leather Restoration System
2003-03-10 Salvage Companies & Recyclers Miller Remanufactured Catalytic Converters
2003-03-10 General Information BMW Inspection II service
2003-03-10 Interior A/C control panel replacement
2003-03-10 Interior Custom wood gearshift knob and center tray
2003-03-10 Interior Headliner removal
2003-03-10 Interior Increasing driver's legroom
2003-03-10 Interior Instrument cluster removal
2003-03-10 Interior Phone eject box and trays removal
2003-03-10 Interior Pixel display problems and fixes
2003-03-10 Interior Recirculation filter replacement tip
2003-03-10 Interior Trim, puckering dash trim near doors
2003-03-10 Interior Trim, removing scratches from wood trim
2003-03-10 Exterior Shled's 2001 facelift modifications
2003-03-10 Exterior Trunk, chrome strip and badge installation
2003-03-10 Exterior Windshield replacement, how-to
2003-03-10 Exterior Windshield upper trim replacement
2003-03-10 Paint and paint chip repair Paint chip repair DIY
2003-03-10 Paint and paint chip repair Paintless dent removal
2003-03-10 Paint and paint chip repair
2003-03-10 Paint and paint chip repair Southern Colors Paint Touchup
2003-03-10 Lighting 2001 front/rear/side light upgrades
2003-03-10 Lighting DIY Silvervision turnsignal bulbs
2003-03-10 Lighting Front corner light removal
2003-03-10 Lighting Headlight bulb replacement
2003-03-10 Lighting Headlight cover polishing to remove pitting
2003-03-10 Lighting Headlights, Demon Eyes/Angel Eyes installation
2003-03-10 Lighting Headlights, DIY Xenon headlamp upgrade
2003-03-10 Lighting Headlights, OmniTec Gen II Demon Eyes installation
2003-03-10 Lighting Single vs. dual filament bulbs
2003-03-10 Lighting Titanium silver #1157 bulbs from
2003-03-10 Retrofit Installations "Check Low Beam" solution
2003-03-10 Retrofit Installations DIY Xenon and "city light" upgrade
2003-03-10 Retrofit Installations Headlights, Automatic headlight control upgrade
2003-03-10 Retrofit Installations Heated seats (front) retrofit
2003-03-10 Retrofit Installations Heated seats (rear) retrofit
2003-03-10 Retrofit Installations Navigation retrofit (E39)
2003-03-10 Retrofit Installations Navigation retrofit (E46)
2003-03-10 Retrofit Installations PDC Front + rear Park Distance Control
2003-03-10 Retrofit Installations Sunshade (rear) retrofit
2003-03-10 Electronics BMW wiring diagrams
2003-03-10 Electronics E38 car/key programmable memory options (PDF)
2003-03-10 Electronics Radars, Radar detector installation
2003-03-10 Electronics Understanding I-BUS
2003-03-10 Navigation BMW Navigation Software FAQ
2003-03-10 Navigation E39 voice recognition upgrade
2003-03-10 Navigation Navigation & TV FAQ from
2003-03-10 Navigation Yahoo: BMW Nav Owners Group
2003-03-10 Navigation Yahoo: Hack the I-BUS Group
2003-03-10 Navigation Yahoo: Open BMW Group
2003-03-10 Phone "Shark Fin" cellular antenna installation
2003-03-10 Phone CPT7000 to CPT8000 upgrade discussion
2003-03-10 Phone CPT8000 installation
2003-03-10 Phone Dipole cellular antenna installation
2003-03-10 Phone E46 Startac installation
2003-03-10 Phone Motorola Site for Dealers
2003-03-10 Phone Voice recognition (SES module) installation
2003-03-10 Audio/Video 10" Polk subwoofer installation
2003-03-10 Audio/Video BimmerBabe's A/V headrest installation
2003-03-10 Audio/Video Delphi XM Satellite Radio Installation
2003-03-10 Audio/Video E39 non-DSP Infinity Basslink installation
2003-03-10 Audio/Video Radioman BMW Radio Repair
2003-03-10 Engine & Drivetrain Driveshaft replacement options
2003-03-10 Engine & Drivetrain Exploding fan
2003-03-10 Engine & Drivetrain OBD-II diagnostic codes
2003-03-10 Engine & Drivetrain OBD-II engine P code list
2003-03-10 Engine & Drivetrain The M73 V12 motor
2003-03-10 Maintenance Car battery replacement: Douglas, Duralast
2003-03-10 Maintenance Car battery replacement: Interstate
2003-03-10 Maintenance How to replace oxygen (O2) sensors
2003-03-10 Maintenance Missing engine mount bolts can cause loud front-end noises
2003-03-10 Maintenance OBC hidden functions, how to display the actual coolant temperature
2003-03-10 Maintenance Oil and inspection service light reset
2003-03-10 Maintenance Oil pump bolts, checking for loose bolts
2003-03-10 Maintenance Power steering hose replacement
2003-03-10 Maintenance Spark plugs changing/check for leaky valve cover gasket
2003-03-10 Maintenance Valve cover gasket replacement procedure
2003-03-10 Suspension & Steering Parking brake grommet can cause rear squeaks
2003-03-10 Exhaust Exhaust tip modification
2003-03-10 Exhaust Idiot's guide to exhaust extensions
2003-03-10 Exhaust Replacing the heat shields for the exhaust system
2003-03-10 Transmission Function of the Auto/Manual transmission switch
2003-03-10 Transmission Simeon's 6-speed manual transmission 'Baby'
2003-03-10 Transmission Transmission, solution for whining/whirring noise after fluid replacement
2003-03-10 Brakes Brakes, How to change brakes and rotors
2003-03-10 Accessories & Products BavAuto urethane headlight shields
2003-03-10 Accessories & Products Colored BMW roundel emblems
2003-03-10 Accessories & Products Peake R5/FCX engine diagnostic and reset tool
2003-03-10 Accessories & Products X-Pel urethane headlight shields
2003-03-10 Navigation Nav-TV
2003-03-10 Performance Upgrades Dinan
2003-03-10 Performance Upgrades Eibach Springs
2003-03-10 Performance Upgrades H&R Springs
2003-03-10 Performance Upgrades OmniTec Motorsports
2003-03-10 Performance Upgrades Turner Motorsport
2003-03-10 Performance Upgrades VAC Motorsports
2003-03-10 Wheels and Tires BMW wheel emblems
2003-03-10 Wheels and Tires Rear wheel alignment problem and solution
2003-03-10 Wheels and Tires Vehicle vibration diagnosis chart (PDF)
2003-03-10 Wheels and Tires Wheels, DIY curb rash repair
2003-03-10 BMW Dealers Circle BMW
2003-03-10 BMW Dealers Crevier BMW
2003-03-10 BMW Dealers Hendrick BMW
2003-03-10 BMW Dealers United BMW
2003-03-10 Non-dealers AJ-USA
2003-03-10 Non-dealers All OEM BMW Parts
2003-03-10 Non-dealers Bavarian Autosports
2003-03-10 Non-dealers
2003-03-10 Non-dealers BMA Imports
2003-03-10 Non-dealers Eurasian Automotive Parts
2003-03-10 Non-dealers Maximillian Importing Company
2003-03-10 Salvage Companies & Recyclers Autobahn Used Parts
2003-03-10 Salvage Companies & Recyclers Bavarian Engine Exchange
2003-03-10 Salvage Companies & Recyclers (Atlanta, GA)
2003-03-10 Salvage Companies & Recyclers DC Automotive
2003-03-10 Salvage Companies & Recyclers Vines Auto
2003-03-10 Wheels, Tires AAA Rims
2003-03-10 Wheels, Tires
2003-03-10 Wheels, Tires Discount Tire Direct
2003-03-10 Wheels, Tires National Tire & Battery (NTB)
2003-03-10 Wheels, Tires RonalUSA
2003-03-10 Wheels, Tires The Wheel Exchange
2003-03-10 Wheels, Tires TireRack
2003-03-10 Brakes, Batteries, Lights Autolamps-Online
2003-03-10 Brakes, Batteries, Lights BatteriesPlus
2003-03-10 Brakes, Batteries, Lights Brake Warehouse
2003-03-10 Brakes, Batteries, Lights Frozen Rotors
2003-03-10 Brakes, Batteries, Lights HIDS4Less
2003-03-10 Brakes, Batteries, Lights Interstate Batteries
2003-03-10 Brakes, Batteries, Lights
2003-03-10 Aftermarket Warranties 1st Source Auto Warranty
2003-03-10 Aftermarket Warranties WarranTech
2003-03-10 Aftermarket Warranties Warranty By Net
2003-03-10 Aftermarket Warranties Warranty Wizard
2003-03-10 Photo Gallery Before/after pics of 750 chrome grill upgrade
2003-03-10 Photo Gallery Black rubber flootmats on gray interior
2003-03-10 Photo Gallery Dave Clement's Photoshop E38 Wizardry
2003-03-10 Photo Gallery Eisenmann Exhaust system
2003-03-10 Photo Gallery Instrument cluster metal rings
2003-03-10 Photo Gallery Transmission with pan removed, photos
2003-03-10 Audio/Video Front and rear monitors on gooseneck mounts
2003-03-10 Audio/Video Jason's in-dash DVD installation
2003-03-10 Audio/Video Philips Carin 520 nav system over dash vents
2003-03-10 Audio/Video TV installed in rear center console
2003-03-10 Wheels 18" Cross-spoke composite wheel II, styling 42
2003-03-10 Wheels 18" M-Parallel wheels on black '98 740iL
2003-03-10 Wheels 18" M-Parallel wheels on red '98 750iL
2003-03-10 Wheels 18" M-Parallel wheels on white '98 740iL
2003-03-10 Wheels 18" Rondell 58 on cashmiere '00 740iL
2003-03-10 Wheels 18" Rondell 58 on cashmiere '00 740iL (closeup)
2003-03-10 Wheels 18" Style-32 rims
2003-03-10 Wheels 18" Style-32 rims on UK '96 728i
2003-03-10 Wheels 18" Style-32 rims on UK '96 728i (closeup)
2003-03-10 Wheels 19" BMW E65 rims on silver '01 750iL
2003-03-10 Wheels 19" Breyton Inspiration wheels
2003-03-10 Wheels 19" Breyton Magics on silver '95 740iL
2003-03-10 Wheels 19" Hamann HM2's
2003-03-10 Car Care CCS how-to articles on car care
2003-03-10 Car Care Web-Cars Paint Touchup directions
2003-03-10 Car Care Zaino Bros' show car polish
2003-03-10 Car Care Zymol vs. Zaino discussion on Roadfly
2003-03-10 Useful Links Ben Liaw's Big BMW Links
2003-03-10 Useful Links BimmerForums 7-series Message Board
2003-03-10 Useful Links BMW Manufacturing Corp. and factory tours
2003-03-10 Useful Links BMW North America
2003-03-10 Useful Links BMW Zentrum museum
2003-03-10 Useful Links
2003-03-10 Useful Links
2003-03-10 Useful Links NavTech
2003-03-10 Useful Links
2003-03-10 User Groups BMW Car Club of America
2003-03-10 User Groups E38 Beef Club
2003-03-10 User Groups East Coast Seven Club
2003-03-10 User Groups Houston E38's
2003-03-10 User Groups Seattle 7's
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters AL: Heart of Dixie Chapter BMW CCA
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters CA: Central California Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters CA: Golden Gate Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters CA: Los Angeles Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters CA: Sacramento Valley Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters CA: San Diego Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters FL: Everglades Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters FL: FirstCoast Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters FL: Suncoast Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters FL: Sunshine Bimmers
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters GA: Peachtree Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters IA: Iowa Chapter BMW CCA
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters KY: Bluegrass Bimmers
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters MA: Boston Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters MN: North Star Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters MO: St. Louis BMW Club
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters NC: Tarheel Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters NE: Missouri Valley Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters NH: White Mountain Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters NJ: New Jersey Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters NM: New Mexico Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters NY: New York Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters NY: Patroon Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters OH: Northern Ohio Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters OR: Portland Oregon Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters PA: Allegheny Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters PA: Delaware Valley Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters PA: Nittany Bimmers
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters TN: Old Hickory BMW Club
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters TX: Houston Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters TX: Lone Star Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters TX: Tejas Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters UT: Wasatch Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters VA: Blue Ridge Chapter
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters VA: Tidewater BMWCCA
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters WA: Puget Sound Region BMW CCA
2003-03-10 BMW Car Club Chapters WI: Badger Bimmers
2003-02-27 General Information EPA fact sheet on catalytic converter warranties
2003-02-27 General Information VIN decoding

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